We’re now in Tamarindo! It was a bit of adventure getting here. The roads have one sign at each intersection. Hopefully you don’t miss it! At least for major, major intersections there would be a series of signs to fit all the place names they were directing towards. We went through Filadelfia which looked like a major city on the map. Ya, not so much. We did hit up the ATM, get Jeremiah a phone card, and get gas there. :)

Tamarindo itself is so, so different from Playa Hermosa.  It is full of tourist shops, places to eat, taxis, and people selling stuff. There is a dirt road right off of a major intersection which was a bit confusing because we just assumed that wasn’t our turn.  Usually on the map dirt roads are indicated by a smaller width line. While in Playa Hermosa we heard monkeys and never saw them. We saw monkeys almost as soon as we got here yesterday right at our hotel!  It was a small group, including a baby, munching on one of the trees.  Then when we headed out to explore the town we saw a group of 20 or so crossing from one tree to the next over the road.  They’d loop their tail onto the tree for safety then reach out as far as possible grabbing onto a small branch from the next tree and pull until it was thick enough to move onto.  Even the ones carrying babies!  The babies must have a good grip.  One monkey (must have been a teenager!) lept to the next tree in very dramatic fashion.