Our Story

Kelly and Jeremiah met in the summer of ’07. Kelly had just returned to San Diego after having graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obisbo, CA. While Kelly was away university, Jeremiah became close friends with some of her friends. After Kelly moved back to San Diego, she and Jeremiah found themselves in the same circle of friends.  One of first times they really got to talk and know one another was while rock climbing at Mission Trails. After that, they got together for board games and a few weeks later there was a pirate themed party at Brian and Jeremiah’s place. They got along easily and soon found that they shared many of the same values and interests.

First Date

Kelly invited Jeremiah to go watch the sunset on the beach.  Jeremiah figured that this would be a typical date of walking along the beach talking and holding hands … he couldn’t have been more wrong. When he showed up Kelly grabbed two boogie boards much to Jeremiah’s surprise.  J: You’re planning to go in the water? K: what? who goes to the beach and doesn’t go in the water?

It turned out to be a fun first date, ending with watching the sunset while bobbing in the waves together.